An interview with Seelie

Q. What inspired you to write this book?

To be honest, it all began when I slipped in the shower and shattered my leg. Because I could literally do nothing without assistance, I was placed in a rehabilitation center to learn how to function with only one working leg. That was 30 days of complete boredom. I read and I slept, and then I slept some more. For some reason, the medication I was on gave me very vivid, kinky dreams. So I started to write. 

Q. Why write about lawyers?

Because I am one. It was easier to adapt my stories to a world I know:  Lawyers, law firms, and courts.  Besides, most people seem to think lawyers lead pretty boring lives. I beg to differ. This is my way of revealing a different side of lawyering, a more realistic one. Besides, after 30 years, there is not a single lawyer joke I have not heard.  I am so over that.  It is time for some new material.

Q. "Sizzling short stories about lawyers in love, with a dash of kink?"

Which part do you object to?  I threw in a little kink to spice things up, but it is always in the context of a loving relationship. People may not look at their lawyers the same after reading my book, but that's a good thing. Some will be shocked, but I am confident others will be amused and maybe even run out to buy a set of handcuffs!

Q. Why do you portray some of the female lawyers as warriors by day, submissives by night?

Like any profession, some lawyers possess very dominant traits, while others are more meek and submissive. Men and women fall on both sides of the spectrum. In my research, I found it was not uncommon for very strong women to adopt submissive roles outside of their work lives.  It takes a lot of strength to give up control to another, and that's what submission is about:  The power exchange.  I suspect much of what we see in the movies is Hollywood fiction.

Q. Are all of your stories about the Dominant/submissive dynamic?

That would not be very reflective of lawyers as a whole.  Just as not all lawyers are sharks who would eat their mothers for breakfast, not all lawyers engage in D/s relationships.  Some of my stories are funny, some as sad, but all of them contain a hint of romance no matter the underlying power dynamic. 

You state in your bio that you are a "MS warrior." How does that impact your writing?

I like to think it doesn't.  I am very lucky  to have a superior medical team at the Center for Neurological Disorders in Milwaukee.  They have found the right approach to keeping the disease stablized and that permits me to do what I love, write.  MS is a chronic disease that I have been diagnosed with, but I control it, it does not control me.