An interview with Seelie

Q. Why do you write romance?

Because I am fascinated by the games people play to find and secure a lasting relationship, which is not always love. There’s the chase, the courtship, the falling, the surrender. That’s what I try to capture in my stories.

Q. Do you prefer a certain type of romantic hero?

I adore smart, dashing gentlemen who aren’t afraid to live on the edge. They can be a bad boy, a billionaire, a prince, or a secret agent. That hint of danger just hooks me!

Q. Why the shift from erotic romance to romantic suspense?

I have always had a preference for mysteries and thrillers. I enjoy plots that challenge the mind. Plus, I am a big James Bond fan. My characters still enjoy erotic, loving relationships, but now the action focuses on solving a dilemma or crime. Instead of “metaphorical guns,” these characters wield real ones. (Wink!)

Q. How does your former profession as a lawyer impact your writing?

After 30 years, the law and the legal world are so firmly embedded in my brain that I can’t flush them out. That has become the lens through which I view the world and that naturally guides my characters and plots. Little peculiarities that I have witnessed in lawyers and the law always work their way into my stories. 

Q. You state in your bio that you are a "MS warrior." How does that impact your writing?

I like to think it doesn't.  I am very lucky  to have a superior medical team at the Center for Neurological Disorders in Milwaukee.  They have found the right approach to keeping the disease stablized and that permits me to do what I love, write.  MS is a chronic disease that I have been diagnosed with, but I control it, it does not control me. In two years, I have completed 12 books. I think that proves anything is possible, despite MS!